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Yalitza Aparicio posed with two designer dresses (Photo: Instagram / @ yalitzaapariciomtz)

After rising to fame for starring in Rome, Alfonso Cuarón’s award-winning film, Yalitza Aparicio has become a fashion icon and an example to follow for her social activism against racism and other violence suffered by women.

Due to this impact, several brands have sought her out for interviews, photoshoots with luxury clothing and promotion of their products. She also became an actress who is constantly featured on magazine covers, no matter the topic.

On this occasion, Aparicio posed in a men’s magazine, where she showed a side that few knew about her, because her imposing gaze next to her strong personality and the details in her look resulted in incredible images.

Yalitza was featured in Bad Hombre magazine’s health and beauty supplement Skin. The person in charge of the session was the director Alejandro Peregrina, who also interviewed her. For their part, the photographers were Germán Nájera and Iván Flores, who were assisted by Gustavo Basurto.

The Oaxacan actress showed behind the scenes of the session (Photo: Instagram / @ yalitzaapariciomtz)

The former basic education teacher shared part of the session on her Instagram account, from which the results and behind the scenes could be seen alongside the photographers and those in charge of styling, makeup and hairstyle: Pablo Rivera, Gerardo Parra and Erick Moreno, respectively.

“I want to share this wonderful moment with you before more time passes. Always enjoying every moment. Thank you guys @badhombreskin “, wrote the Oaxacan in her publication.

The garments he used drew the attention of locals and strangers. One of them was a sparkly dress, made of Indian rhinestones, over a brown top. This look is from Chandelier, designed by Gabrielle Venguer.

She also posed in a CEA dress, by Ziiropa, which is brown and designed with a straight cut that shows a slight hem at the top, aspects that highlighted the seriousness and depth in Yalitza Aparicio’s gaze.

In other photographs, she is seen seriously, with little makeup and with a wet body to highlight the shape of her face. A blue color framed his eyes to make them look bigger and brighter, in keeping with the session.

Yalitza Aparicio also posed with a Prada bag (PHOTO: Instagram / @ yalitzapariciomtz)

Some people who celebrated this appearance in Bad Hombre magazine were Ximena Sariñana, Karla Souza, Daniela Schmidt and Ariana Ron Pedrique, who commented on their publication with words of encouragement and emojis to show their affection.

This is not the first time that Aparicio poses with recognized brands. Just last September, she surprised her followers with an exclusive bag for the spring season 2022 from the luxury brand Prada.

From her Instagram account, Yalitza shared a photo apparently in a photo session organized by the brand. In it, she wore a yellow outfit with dark details and a black skirt at the waist. Also, she wore her hair down with two colored braids on the left side.

Yalitza posed with an electric blue bag of the brand. Immediately, his followers began to praise the outfit orchestrated by Pablo Rivera Gil. Said accessory, which would have a value close to 62 thousand pesos, according to the brand’s website, is made of leather. It has the brand’s logo in the shape of a triangle and an adjustable strap, as well as a closure in the internal section of the bag.


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