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A few days ago, the actor and former participant of the reality show La casa de los celebrities, Pablo Montero caused a stir on social networks when he posed with a young woman, then identified as Nicol Cast, during an evening that they both shared and they were seen to be particularly caramelized.

In addition, later photographs of an alleged conversation that both would have had in which it could be proven that their relationship would be loving and with a monetary exchange circulated. However, the origin of these images was not clarified by Internet users.

As a result of these rumors, Pablo broke the silence and assured that Nicol was only “a friend.” In this same sense, the 18-year-old girl decided to give her version of what happened. Through a TikTok that he shared, and that was spread by the Coma News entertainment account, Nicole Castillo assured that she does not have any romantic relationship with the actor.

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“My name is Nicole Castillo (…) they were circulating on social networks, some photos of me with the actor Pablo Montero and videos. I come to clarify that I have nothing to do with him. He is nothing more than a friend, very kind, he invited me out and that’s how it was, ”he began in the audiovisual.

He later added that she shared the photos and videos with him, as she would with any artist. And he corrected the previous reports and speculations about his edes, since it was previously reported that he would be 21 years old.

“My mother was accompanying me because I couldn’t go alone. And she was always with me. Nothing happened, I am neither his girlfriend, as they are saying in social networks, nor his ‘sugar baby’, nothing to do. I just uploaded the photos because he is an artist, and that’s how it goes, “he continued.

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Later, the young woman assured that she has received all kinds of attacks on her social networks: “They are throwing a lot of hate at me, but the truth is that I have nothing to do with him. Nothing else is a friend and up to there ”, he added, assuring that the actor was respectful with her all the time.

On the other hand, Pablo also referred to rumors about his alleged relationship with a young woman named Nicole. During an interview with the program First hand, he denied having a sentimental relationship with her and assured that their meeting was in a friendly sense.

During an interview with the First Hand program where the singer denied having a romantic relationship with the woman identified as Nicol Cast and, he added, that their meeting was in a friendly sense.

Pablo Montero and Carolina Van Wielink divorced in 2018 (Photo: Instagram / @ pablomoficial)

In addition, he spoke about his participation in the reality show: “I had a very nice relationship with Alicia, with Mane with Kelvin, with Gigi with Verónica, Cristina […]with most the truth. I got along very well with everyone. The truth is that since we were the 5 finalists, we really were the ones who got along well, “he said.

In the series of photos and videos that flooded the internet, a young woman could be seen kissing the actor and sharing several moments with him, where they shared a dinner and it was also possible to see that the young woman’s mother accompanied them during the meeting.

At the time, Monterio’s fans reacted by questioning the nature of their relationship. There were even those who brought Gisella, known as Gigi, to mention: “What will Ernestina alias @gisellatv think of this?”, Can be read in some Instagram accounts. However, now it seems that all doubts have been cleared.


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