Source: Yung Joc get overly emotional MAD & put PAWS on his son on national TV, now he explains why


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36 thoughts on “Yung Joc get overly emotional MAD & put PAWS on his son on national TV, now he explains why

  1. Well Joc 🤔now you know wat alot of your music did to our kids that you promoted😏 when you had a music career. We definitely have EMPATHY for you.

  2. That's wat his son get. We need fathers like him. Whoopings are necessary!!!! Fear need to get back into these kids. Then we wonder why these kids is killing everybody!!!!

  3. jock do not lose your son awesome a contract a storyline reality TV is not worth it tell your son what you got to say when love and harmony do not be walking on eggshells because he feels some kind of way let him know I'm not going to lose you too you're my son and before I lose you I'll give up this TV show for real I love you on everything

  4. Um u need to put ur paws on some of these young men so the streets or police wont kill them!! Young men need their fathers to put them in check when they see em goin dwn the wrong path!! I got 3 ina street….dnt nobody want them street problem!! Shit is hard!!!

  5. I honestly don't feel like this is for a story line I'm not a parent however I have younger family members and sometimes you just wanna shake they little behinds like listen to me please I just want to protect you

  6. He's afraid to lose his son, this lil boy is green, and don't know which way to go. He may be mad at Joc because he wasn't there, but his mom cannot do anything with him either, so b4 the streets, jail, or the unfortunate claim him Joc had to try to do something. I'm not picking sides, but I get it

  7. Joc tried it the subtle way and the boy wasn't getting it. So he HAD to show him that he's moving wrong. Joc figured since he's NOT as aware as he pretends to be, I'VE GOTTA REACH THIS CHILD BEFORE I LOSE HIM.
    Like Joc implied, if your head was on right, you'd KNOW when/how to move . This kid doesn't realize that, the streets don't love NOBODY and the world keeps turning after you're gone. He was being a good FATHER, considering he was trying to teach his ignorant ass to play chess not checkers!
    I KNOW lots of parents who would have done the same or worse, in an attempt to not lose their child. All the extra BS people are implying, is just being messy. Joc was/is being a REAL father whether it looks pretty to us, or not.

  8. I get Joc loves his son but come on now.. Does he think putting his hands on his son is going to make his son listen and respect him more. Heck naw. At a certain age you can't make your kids do anything..

  9. Living in a world full of violence and you try to get your point across by losing control and bringing violence towards your own flesh n blood.. Joc demonstrated wild uncontrollable behavior. You can’t preach don’t shoot but lose your kool and start shooting. I pray for healing for Joc and his family, Remember our children are a reflection of you. It’s sad that many folks in the comments condone this type of behavior. This is why the world is full of chaos because PEACE STARTS WITHIN!! I pray for all of you.🙏🏾💕🙏🏾

  10. Joc is doing what he's suppose to do as a father. Your child do bad decisions that will risk your life and we tell you not to do it over and over and you don't listen. You must discipline your child

  11. I disagree with you on this, every black man has the responsibility to protect their child no matter what age. And I pray when Joc's son becomes a dad he protects his son the same way. You hang with the wrong people, you put everyone in danger. I guess you would rather have a black father who could careless about their black sons!.

  12. See that made him react nephew been shot! Now can you imagine his son that's bad enough the nephew but the son worser, family members getting killed that's that's the hard thing to lose. He's making a better example for his son you can live in a paradise! But your life is not a paradise.

  13. Yes he did the good thing, yes bring him up on national tv soon of later he going be the Thier! Killed jail lock up. everyone got to gossip about someone life, why go all through that when you can see it with your own eyes stop and gossiping you tell your own story.

  14. I have more respect for him for having this much concern and love for HIS son. Until your a parent of a TEENAGE child you'll never understand. Periottt!!!

  15. Who's gone listen to a man that wears dresses😂, that boy probably lost respect for him a long ago. Imagine the humiliation he dealt with growing up. Now he feels he has to redeem himself. He's going about it the wrong way, but that's how he feels 💯

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