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<br>In the need for a high-quality fake ID for using this summer and for next semester? Look no further! My services are top notch, and more affordable than any other supplier out there!
<br>Ever check out IDChief, and IDChick? My IDs are the same quality as theirs! This is because the same hologram supplier is used – but at a more affordable price to you! The problem with these sites is they ship from CHINA! I ship from within the USA, so there are no customs to clear, and you get it a whole lot faster!
<br>My ID barcodes properly scan, and if they have a magstrip, they properly swipe. Also each ID backlights properly. Never get turned down at a bar again!
<br>All IDs have 100% proper full-multispec holograms! Never buy an ID again with that stupid “Genuine Globe” generic hologram, or the generic key hologram! Get the REAL ones.
<br>States Offered:
<br>PA, SC, FL, RI, MD, IL
<br>Prices are $80 each, with great group discounts starting at 5 IDs!
<br>Payment is accepted by MoneyPak only (cheaper than Western Union/MoneyGram!).
<br>If you need a video of my IDs, just feel free to ask! Not a problem! I am also open to show you any other proof you may request, just ask!
<br>ACB is full of trolls I understand, if you need any sort of proof please contact me! Ignore the trolls.
<br>[email protected]



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