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Source: Alexandra Ochoa User, Liar, Abandon Specialist, Master of Sexual Manip…

Alexandra Ochoa User, Liar, Abandon Specialist, Master of Sexual Manip …

This PUBLIC NOTICE IS BEING POSTED to give fair warning to those that come into contact with Alexandra Ochoa based on her ruthless acts, emotional instability, dangerous actions and lies. These assessments and living truths have come from someone that was very close to her that could not post them himself because he is too kind, caring and compassionate towards her even after the devastation she has caused him. I am very close to this man and he has been devastated by her actions towards him, his extended and immediate family. I can not let this woman run around hurting others the way she does and I want people to know the type of woman she is and the lengths she will go to get her way, revenge and personal satisfaction with hurting people emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and have total disregard for their physical wellbeing.   The Vixen, User, Liar, Manipulator, Con Artist, Life Wrecker and Legal Sex Obsessed Woman that lives in Calgary but is from Colombia is, Alexandra Ochoa, Alexandra Campbell, AKA Alex or Alexa  This woman has No feelings, No remorse, No ethics, No values, No respect, No honor, No integrity and No sexual boundaries. She is the mother of two incredible boys that have had to live and grow up with her questionable mental and emotional state of mind. She reacts and makes decisions on emotions 90% of the time which always turn into significant drama.  She is calculated in the other 10% with her pre thought actions when not running on emotions but seriously reacts based on simple everyday life decisions, minor disputes and that is when you find out her true character because she always decides to make the choice for herself in these situations, versus respecting and understanding those that are around her. When running on emotions, she reacts and talks before she thinks which causes nothing but destruction, hatred, bitterness, mass amounts of people getting hurt which she does with NO Disregard and that includes her own boys. She ABANDONED her boys after her divorce and a $30,000 settlement after receiving alimony for many years dried up and then decided to leave her boys with Ex Husband and move back to Colombia to pursue a man, start a new business and begin a New Life there and agreed to see her boys every 2 years.  She has no understanding of selflessness and only practices selfishness.  She is not forthright with her past even though her past is simply a Bunch of the Same patterns that all end the same way, with destruction of others lives in her wake.   She uses SEX as her viscous tool to connect to your emotions, feelings, actions, spirituality, mental wellbeing and will turn that into control whenever she wants too, which is all the time. If you are considering any type of relationship with this woman, be prepared to see a Sheep at first, that will turn into a Wolf at a moment’s notice and that is when things get very interesting emotionally for you.  She has had Abortions to hide her lies and involvement with other men so her family would not know about it. She has moved to other Countries just to get away from men that she disowned and abandoned. without a trace of being able to get a hold of her again. She always has a long list of men in her life and is never without a man even if just using him for sex.  She will stop communicating with you in a second if she doesn’t get what she wants. If it is just a sex relationship, do not put any pressure on her to move past that because you will be blocked, forgotten and disowned in 1 second, because these are her terms not yours. She cheated on her husband with other men and women with one being 10 years younger than her at the time. She then moved this man into the house that was paid for by her husband for 1 year while he was living in a trailer court looking into the situation as a bystander.  She will ask you to do things for her on a continuous basis and continue to ask you to make many changes in your life whether you are ready for those changes or not but don’t ask her for anything because she will not be there for you especially if there is emotion, uncertainty or work involved.  She will blame you for everything that could possibly go wrong and never, ever take responsibility for what happens based on her own decisions and actions. This will all lead to major conflicts that she will never discuss and never take ownership of. She practices a form of Sorcery that has her try to put spiritual curses on people and has no disregard for this.  She lives in a constant lie that gets so big and involves all those close to her, like her mom, step dad, cousins, brother and sisters etc. A lie for her could start with something that she is wanting the reverse effect from, but if that reverse effect didn’t happen and the lie continues and she will see it through to the end because she has those around her already believing her from the beginning.  Instead of being accountable and honorable, she will then live the lie herself and even take on the lie as her new path in life. She has NO ability to face the past but she will always just blame others, tell more lies and create even a worse mess. An example of this was when she lied to her Ex husband about not picking up her boys for a week when she was scheduled to have them but cancelled at the last minute because she was stressed and not feeling that she could handle this specific week of work and care. She had support from this man she was seeing and his family but decided to cancel the boys arrival last minute because she lied and used the excuse that it was because her mom had Covid and didn’t want to expose them.  Just after cancelling and making the decision on her own she then went back to this man in her life that had already made plans to help care for the boys that week and told him that she cancelled with her Ex and said that her Ex had to take responsibility and take care of the boys with no concern how he was now going to work that into his schedule that he had planned differently already. This lie then came to a head the next week when she wanted to see her boys and went to pick them up but her Ex had already informed her the previous week that he had made plans for the boys and him the next weekend. When she didn’t get her boys that next weekend she then came back to the man she was seeing and told him it was all his fault that she did not have her boys for the weekend because he didn’t help her out the previous week to take care of them. Well this lie is still taking on different directions as we speak.  Her Relationship Pattern starts with her telling you that she loves you by week 2. At 4 weeks you are on track to meet the family and kids. At 6 weeks you can expect extra pressure from her to progress the relationship quicker and if you don’t, she will stop talking for days and possibly a week at a time to get her way.  At 8 weeks she will want to marry you, move in and propose having a child with her and be careful because this is a trap. All of this is a game to her and something that she prides herself on with her control tactics.  There is a method to her madness with the expedited push to have a relationship and to get pregnant with your child seeing she wants a man that will provide for her, is by her side, and has a child in her belly because she feels that this will help her in court to get custody of her boys that are with her Ex husband by law and by the divorce agreement that they have in place. Her Ex has taken selfless care of the boys their entire lives and full time custody for the last 3 years with minimal involvement by her.    She believes that the court will want her new family to have her existing boys live with her so that the New Baby grows up with their siblings. The reality is that she is seeking money from her ex to take care of the boys and her but the boys are already in a great place in another city with their dad.  She uses partial and full nude pictures to keep you enticed and then converts to more serious methods of manipulation thru sex and will always keep you thinking of her due to these continuous sexy and nude pics that are sent on a regular basis.  BE CAREFUL: This woman will go to great lengths to involve police only if it is in her favor and when that doesn’t work, she will then come up with a different angle or strategy to fight you even more through the court system.  Love to her is just a game of having fun with your emotions and whoever she has at that moment has the bonus to having fun and sex with her whenever you want or whenever she will give it, but beware, she will take it away whenever she wants too. Understand that this is a short road due to her emotional state of mind and she will find some excuse to back away and break your heart with no remorse, no closure, no emotion unless you give into her vicious ways and demands. This woman has had so many affairs around the world that she has guys lined up in many countries and if you think you are the only one, give your head a shake because she dwells on all the attention she receives from men from her past relationships and men she communicates with on a regular basis.  Yes, this will continue during your relationship. She will just tell you that she has a lot of guy friends but trust me a guy friend is just a potential friend with benefits. She is so involved with trying to get a relationship turned into a marriage that she forgets about her kids and they are simply being used as pawns in her life. What loving, caring and selfless mother does this? They don’t, only selfish women do this. She will go 5-8 days at a time without communicating with her boys after she has seen them on her designated weekend. That is not a mother that is concerned, cares and loves her boys unconditionally. When this man she seeing was sitting with her recently, there was a very important topic bought up about pregnancy. The issue is that she disclosed for the first time in front of this man’s children that she believed she was pregnant with his child and that she was going to have a baby girl. WHO tells the person that they are in love with and that they are having a baby with, that they are pregnant in front of his children?? A very self serving and self centered woman. Her ability to keep anything that you tell her that is confidential and very very personal is another tool that she will use to destroy you and when she wants her way she will bring these things up to get her ways with you. If you don’t give in to her demands, she will use that information without you even thinking that you and her are not together any longer.  You will know quickly that she has moved on to someone else and she just stabbed you in the back but the back stab will be so precise because she uses a long blade that goes through your heart at the same time.  UNDERSTAND, she is smart and premeditated with these actions to make sure that the more people she can hurt in the process she will and plans that perfectly.  NEVER SHARE very very private and personal information because it will HAUNT YOU for many years to come. Her ultimate goal with doing this is to literally destroy you mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and if that means she takes you to the brink of existence, to the point of you are feeling like committing suicide. Sad when someone will push you so hard that you feel taking your own life is the only way you can sustain peace of mind but know that this would be her greatest victory if successful. If she doesn’t have you or if you have raised some questions that she doesn’t want to deal with, she will make sure that you are never with anyone else and try to destroy you. It was also disclosed that based on her current custody battle with her Ex husband, that if they lived in Colombia this moment, that she would not be fighting in court because for a minor amount of money, she would have had him killed to save her the time and frustration of dealing with the custody battle legally and she said that she would be perfectly fine with that outcome. On another note about her thought processes. She will tell you about her dreams that she believes to be GOD speaking to her and she will live her life according to these dreams. BE SMART when hearing about these because her dreams are simply her foreshadowing her next moves with you and you need to take what she says seriously because she always does what she can to live out these dreams in reality. This woman is EVIL AND IS THE DEVIL IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING… BEWARE of Alexandra Ochoa It will not be a surprise that she tries to involve the police, courts and lawyers after this posting and possibly try to hurt more people mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically after all of this is said and done. She once said, â€œIn the end the truth will always come out”.  Well here is the truth and a person just has to have faith that the truth will set everyone free.

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