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Source: All of you are absolutely pathetic.

06/03/2011 05:27 PM

*ratty bee*

All of you are absolutely pathetic.

Never in my wildest dreams did i envision people getting SO WORKED UP over having their precious shit-talking site not even DELETED, but changed. Jesus, is the thought of living a life free of drama, ridicule, and embarrassment THAT unbearable that you all have to resort to pseudo-suicidal tendencies? some of you are truly sicker and more insecure than I could have ever imagined. Collegeacb RUINED some people’s lives and I know multiple people that became OBSESSED with checking to make sure they were not shamelessly bashed over things either beyond their control or mistakes they had thoughtlessly made (NORMAL!!!!)… Everyone needs to chill out, it’s disgusting



06/03/2011 06:11 PM

*wanting rail*

Seriously everyone chill, its collegeacb not your entire life savings.



06/03/2011 06:17 PM

*best squirrel*

hey geed, get off our page you FAGGOT



06/05/2011 01:35 PM

*blushing vein*

First off, stop using “geed” and “faggot” as if they’re insults, you are making yourself look ignorant and you are a poor representation of Greek life, FSU, and higher education in general. In fact, stop using “geed” as if it were even a word. Because it’s not.

Second, just because someone expresses an opinion that is different from yours does not mean you need to go on an insulting, name calling rant with no real substance to it. You sound like uneducated low-class white trash instead of a university student, and one of a nationally-recognized institution, let alone a greek-letter organization that surely claims to have better qualities and values than you have just displayed. Ad hominem attacks aren’t going to make you any cooler, and they definitely don’t make your dick any bigger, so either contribute something worth reading to the thread or shut the hell up.



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