Discovered on: 2022-04-23 23:00:39

Source: Allison Huene Dirty, Lazy, Psycho Homewrecker


Guys stay far away from this one. She is as dirty as they come (and she lives like a college man to top it off). If you have a pecker she will be all over you. But make sure you don’t ignore her otherwise she becomes very obsessive, clingy, and needy. She will jump your bones just as long as she’s getting the d1ck. Be careful, she spends all her money on weed, cabs, clothes, junk food and fast food so whenever she needs bills paid or groceries her mom and dad come to her rescue. She has a horrible work ethic, her parents actually have to bribe her and pay her to actually go to work. Who wouldn’t love a pay day from both your place of employment as well as free money in your bank from mommy and daddy for just showing up to work. Whatever you do stay far away from this chick. She will ruin your life.

Discovered on Sat, 23 Apr 2022 2:30:3 GMT

Discovered at: Allison Huene Dirty, Lazy, Psycho Homewrecker

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