Discovered on: 2023-03-17 04:40:21

Source: Angry Canadian


One must only read into the actions of both to see the receipts from me on here.

Angry Canadian

“Totally a Nazi, and not gay.

11/10 documentation, 0/10 behavior

Omg he only doxes ppl he wanna bang, dox him back and ban him”

– Kiwifarms users


A true visionary and suspected Chad, Angry Canadian got banned from Kiwifarms for being too horny and in fact, the big gay. Doxed on lolcow and kiwi, he is currently on the run and suspected to be in the closet hiding from his wife. He is pictured above with suspected serious man and known serial killer, Lizzy wannabe bf man, a lesser known lolcow and poster of Kiwifarms. Pictured below.


His nickname structure leaves much to be desired as he is complimenting me on how much he loves my fiddlestick if you know what I mean. Angry Canadian has but has yet to directly ass kiss my butthole for it. Bobby on the other hand has managed to become so unhinged and threatened my life so often I blocked someone for once.

Angry Canadian is at least funny.


Apparently he did however end up pissing off one, Joshua Conner Cuckington the Third who even managed to put up with Chris Chan until the mom sex went down. It turned out Null, had been triggered a lot lately ever since banning me and the breaking up occured sometime this past week. Unfortunately for Angry Canadian, his prospects at bussy were growing slim so he turned to his personal lolcow and buttered her up.

I have many things I said he could have used against me so I’m gonna show why you should believe that.





Supposed owner of fuck you money, he doesn’t use tinder to hunt for ppl to fuck but instead tries to make them lolcows when he could just ask someone directly instead proving I’m a Sigma and he’s a beta.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk, take it away for part 2 Squid.

Discovered on Wed, 19 Oct 2022 15:0:8 GMT

Discovered at: Angry Canadian

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