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Annoying Dog(s)Posted by tommyb1859 15 days ago

RATINGTomahawk Dr
Payson, UT 84651 USI do not know these peoples names, but they have lived by us for a few years now and when they first moved in they had two basset hounds that would bark all the time becuase they wouldn’t give them any attention at all, and right before they moved in we had just finished our back yard with then nicest grass ever so it was great to be able to finally use it until they moved in and you couldn’t get a minute of peace back there because as soon as the dogs saw you they wouldn’t shut up. Well after multiple calls to animal control and the police they finally got rid of them and then a few months later got a puppy. I knew it was a BAD idea because now it is the same exact thing. And its not like they care because the lady doesn’t work and the guy runs his own business so they don’t have to be up for work early in the morning like the rest of the neighbors so they are up all night long. It is the most annoying thing when you are trying to sleep and can’t because your annoying neighbors just let their dogs bark all night long, and like they can’t hear it, I mean we live in a little hick town that is so quiet you could hear your neighbor burp.           

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