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Source: Ashley A Stephens Helen Natasha Berg Blair Ashley Ditscheit Pure evil …

Ashley A Stephens Helen Natasha Berg Blair Ashley Ditscheit Pure evil …

Turning tricks for drugs, screwing old men for money. Getting gangbanged at a hotel while her kids were crying in the car. posing nude and performing sex acts for onlyfans. All while she has a boyfriend who she takes pleasure in mentally abusing and destroying. This person is the the definition of gaslighting covert narcissist nasty sl00t. If you find yourself involved with her, fuking run! She will use you and leave you in her stinky sl00tty disease infested wake and won’t give 2 shits about you, your family or hers. She will lie and play the victim constantly, while she pulls her sh1t behind your back. Great at Wearing her fake mask till she gets under your skin, then lookout! She uses her waitressing job at [REDACTED] as a cover for her floozing. Also goes by the name Helen Blair for her joke of a pinup hobby, which is just another way to shop for c0ck. Aka Natasha Berg, aka pinup dreams, aka Ashley Ditscheit. Ladies watch out for your men, fellas steer clear if you know what’s good for you. This one truly is monster.

Published at Tue, 15 Jun 2021 19:0:1 GMT

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