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Source: Barking dogs at all hours of the night.

Barking dogs at all hours of the night.Posted by cicisbo 20 hours ago

RATINGE Pima Mine Rd
Sahuarita, AZ 85629 USFor more than six months we have dealt with these people about their dogs. First because they would jump over our walls. Then because they would jump on the walls and bark at our children. We managed to get them to stop doing that. But the barking however continues no matter what. It has made us miserable. No one can sleep because of it. It has given my 4 year old anxiety attacks. And despite the fact that we have spoken to them about it, the woman has basically told me that I had to deal with the barking no matter what. After dealing with my children all day, I should have a right to relax at night. I should not have to blast up the T.V. to drown out the barking, or sleep with ear plugs and a pillow over my head. My daughter shouldn’t have to come into my room with her ears cupped over her ears crying for me to make the dogs stop. My youngest should not be startled out of a sound sleep crying when their barking starts up. These people are inconsiderate and outright rude. And I don’t blame the animals, because dogs bark. I blame these jerks who think it’s their right to make people miserable because they think they have the power to make people unhappy. They’re exceedingly immature and completely rude.           

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CommentsWho Voted written by peaceseeker 7 hours ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – I feel your frustration. I just recently went to a mediation hearing about my neighbors 5 barking dogs. What a waste of time! Of course it may be because I live in L.A., but the hearing officer only watched 3 mins of our videotaped evidence, refused to let me talk, and let the dog owner do most of the talking, or should I say, lying. She accused us of threatening her life, throwing things in her yard to “hurt her dogs”, etc. Needless to say she of course insisted her dogs don’t bark. Ya, right, like 0 out of 5 dogs bark. Owners who let their dogs behave this way are very mentally unstable. I suggest videotaping the barking at all the various times it happens, videotaping any face-to-face discussions with the owner, documenting in writing the times and days of the barking (even though you have it on tape) and whether or not the owner was home during these barking rants. If you do go to court, have a detailed map of the location of their property and yours, and try and get as many witnesses on your side, even videotape statements from them, because sometimes they flake out when it comes to showing up at a hearing. I know it seems totally unfair that as a victim you have to do all of this leg-work, but hopefully in your county you’ll come out on top. Be organized and gather as much incriminating stuff against them as possible. And keep your cool! Remember, these people are crazy!

written by zoso 20 hours ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – I know what I would do, I would call Animal Control and file a complaint. Once you get the petition, have your neighbors sign it. If it’s bad as you say it is, then I’m optomistic you will be a step closer to reolving this. Whether or not it will work, not too sure, but it’s a step up. I had delt with this sort of thing before and I know it ain’t fun! Take action and refuse to put up with that crap! Dog owners NEED to take responsibility for their dog, HANDS DOWN!

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