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Source: Billie Jean Ferland — Winnipeg’s Most Evil H0e – The Dirty


Billie Jean Ferland — Winnipeg’s Most Evil H0e – The Dirty

This is Billie Jean Ferland she’s so r3tarded she lost her kids because she dated this kid 10 years younger then her named Matthew James Swampy he used her house to party with his young friends and trash it his  family lived next door and she used his auntie as a baby sitter well she and him smoked meth and sold crack and drank well the gets wete starving in the house she had a miscarriage when he was in jail cause she wouldn’t quit drinking or smoking meth or crack and she was sleeping with her ex who took care of her kids for years and this old John who owns a scrap metal yard she slept with him fir money n Pepsi and booze she’s a lying piece of garbage that cheats i Everyman she’s with that probably wasn’t even his kid she was carry she acts like she’s in love with this lil got because she wants his auntie to take her kids out of cfs.

Published at Tue, 10 Aug 2021 2:30:5 GMT

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2 thoughts on “Billie Jean Ferland — Winnipeg’s Most Evil H0e – The Dirty

  1. Maeghan Gauthier has herpes, is 41, is severely overweight, a drug addict and a cheating whore. Her pussy smells God awful. She has NPD and split personality disorder. She’s a fuckin mutt. Fuckin ugly skank that draws her eyebrows on while high on meth, coke and fentanyl. She’ll fuck anyone bareback. Fuckin cunt
    Likes the smell of pee

  2. I almost slept with her once. What a mistake. When she took her pants off I puked. She passed out shortly after. She started twitching and screaming in sleep like a posessed demon needing an exorcism. Screaming out the names of men she sleeps with unprotected. Screaming about poisoning dogs. Seeing her without eyebrows scared the shit out of me. This bitch definitley has some split personality disorder and abandonment issues. Definitely uses coke and opiates. She dates dealers for free drugs. Fuckin mutt needs to put Vagisil on with a paint roller

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