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Source: Bleeding Heart Liberals??? Fact or Fiction

Bleeding Heart Liberals??? Fact or Fiction

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06/21/2011 07:07 AM



I’ll be attending Cal in a few months as a freshman. I come from a very conservative family. Let’s just say we only watch Fox News, own Ford vehicles, refuse to buy any imports, hate that God awful chimpanzee in the White House, and attend church every Sunday.
What I want to know is Berkeley as liberal and left wing as its reputation up holds? I am going to Cal strictly for my major, not to deal with bleeding heart liberals.

Will my diesel F 350 King Ranch with an NRA sticker on the back fit in? Will people be offended when I run over every Prius I see with a Green Peace, PETA, COEXIST, Obama/ Biden, Human Rights Organization, or Gay Pride sticker on the back?

Also, I will be going Greek, all the men in my family have been in fraternities and it is tradition. I am not concerned with legacy, I want to rush a fraternity that I will fit in with. Are there any that are “non-ethnic” (if you catch my drift), conservative, and love to party?

Thanks in advance and can’t wait to start college!

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06/21/2011 10:34 AM



Berkeley is very liberal; Greek life here is moderate. There are some fraternities that are clearly liberal (TKE for example) but none that are clearly conservative other than lame Christian houses. For fraternities about 75% of guys are white and there are a handful of minorities from every other race. Girls are primarily white with some Asians.

It also depends on what major you are in. Some majors are clearly more liberal than others.

I am in a fraternity that most people say is worth rushing and has few minorities. On the outside we would probably attract your type of rushee. However, I sincerely hope you do not rush my fraternity. You are a douchebag. Even if you get a bid somewhere good, if you spout those opinions in person like you are online, you will probably be depledged. I would keep my mouth shut if I were you

Oh and have fun having 2 Asian roommates in a triple your first semester!

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You’ll find some fraternities that are definitely more conservative than others. Some people in the greek community are somewhat conservative, others are liberal, but I think you’ll find that within the greek community people will be tolerant of your views anyways. stay away from coops and liberal organizations and youll be ok

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