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Source: Blipdar Revival: Over 2,500 Posts Restored from Internet Archive has finished reviving posts from the long dead Blipdar website. Blipdar also known as College ACB (Anonymous Confession Board) was an academic gossip website founded under the name JHU Confessions in 2008 that operated until 2011 (see College ACB on Wikipedia). The site had a list of over 500 colleges that users were allowed to post about and thousands of posts, but unfortunately the Internet Archive only had just over 2,500 posts archived just before the site went offline in late 2011 (see snapshot of Blipdar from 9/5/2011). We thought one reason for the low number might be the rebranding that the site went through towards the end which included moving content to a new domain, but when we did a download of the original College ACB that didn’t boost the number much. This seems to be quite a problem with the Internet Archive which fails to archive most of the internet.

If you have a juicy story to tell about your college experience we encourage you to tell your story in the Rants and Raves section of under the Education category in a sub category called College.

You can learn more about the original College ACB website in the video below.

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