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Source: Breanne McMillan aka botox Filter queen

Breanne McMillan aka botox Filter queen

This is what breanne actually looks like with out all the filters and before all the cosmetic surgery she has done to herself. Breanne would be a nobody as what she likes to call the “under class” girls who are (beneath) her. This pepsi princess will always put her self and her drug addiction before anything else maybe everyone should know the real reason on why you to get up and move out of your apartment on tyndall? Im sure what everyone knows is a LIE. Being friends with breanne was completely draining you have to live up to her lifestyle in order for her to not talk s*** about you or degrade you as a human being. If she isn’t drinking or snorting during the weekends never mind the weekdays when you’re not joining in with her you’re nothing but a lame loser who can’t have fun Breanne was nothing but a bully and a manipulator she will physically and emotionally drain you when you are around her. I dont know how her boyfriend puts up with her the way he does she does nothing but talk s*it about him always comparing him to Jeff Reid. Meanwhile Kian was supposed to just be a fling to get over jeff but hey why not suck the little boy (kian) dry he is just young and dumb “breannes famous words”. (Aka hiding because she owes alot of big people money in winnipeg. Breanne has been on the dirty multiple times over the past year because she is nothing but a cheating lying manipulative succubus who drains physical energy out of everyone that has to be in her presence she’s a horrible human being.


Published at Wed, 20 Oct 2021 19:3:1 GMT

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