Discovered on: 2022-09-25 02:25:14

Source: Brittney Oliveira getting b4anged after an event – The Dirty

Brittney used to be a car show girl, employed for an agency where the owner used her and the other girls as floozys. She hosted a BBQ lowrider event here in Toronto in company of another girl. As soon as they came both of them grabbed the attention of all the people around exposing their asses. The guy who did this annual event, was known for b4nging the girls from the agency, so he didn’t waste any time and put his eyes on Brittney. This dude had his face covered with tattoos and was a wannabe rapper. Anyways Brittney and her friend hanged all the time with this guy and his crew during the event. They were drinking champagne, this guy was holding a big stack of money time to time and had his hands all over Brittney. Later they put Brittney on top of the hood of his lowrider and bounced her a55. They were having a good time and later, after kissing for a while he and Brittney got in the car and went to his place. Brittney at the time had a boyfriend tho. After some time word spread that he had been fucking her until he ended up in jail. Then Brittney started b4nging with one the guys from his crew.


Discovered on Wed, 7 Sep 2022 19:3:1 GMT

Discovered at: Brittney Oliveira getting b4anged after an event – The Dirty

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