Discovered on: 2022-05-15 14:43:17

Source: Brooklyn McGeorge demonic evil home-wreaking witch


Hey all, this girl calls herself a witch and worships rocks and her witch spell books which she practices demonic witch craft. She will spread her legs open with your man but will lie to you saying she was nice enough to let him sleep on couch deceiving you with her sweet kind words. She has no problem opening her legs to all of San Diego to guys she calls “pigs and calls herself gay that she prefers girls and would never do anything with these guys but the truth is she’s quick to open her legs and have you loose your soul to her wicked witch craft spells and lies. All women of San Diego…. Do not let this evil spell casting witch near your relationship.. she will pretend to support girls and hate on men but will press her legs wide open for them and when confronted will lie that she is gay only for girls and think men are pigs. Nikki, would you mess with this spell casting witch if you had a girl at home praying?

Discovered on Sun, 15 May 2022 2:30:2 GMT

Discovered at: Brooklyn McGeorge demonic evil home-wreaking witch

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3 thoughts on “Brooklyn McGeorge demonic evil home-wreaking witch

  1. I know that girl! She goes out a lot and she has herpies. She pretends to be gay but I’ve seen her around town with a lot of guys…

  2. Emilie Collins is a liar. She is unstable and deranged. A fake religious psycho. A pick-me girl. She is touched and not in the good way. We see you Nasty Emilie Faith Collins, you are dirty. May god help you see the light of your evil ways, you live a life of sin. You are a liar. A nasty dirty girl. Your bullying and hate speech is vile and needs to end. Emilie Collins in Harbinson Canyon is a fake and she is pure evil.

  3. Yooo! What did Emilie do? She just texted me for the first time but then never responded so I looked up her number and this is what I found. And then I asked her and she blocked me on everything?

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