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Tom James Ashton from London. Two years ago I’ve met Tom and for the following 6 months he observed a pattern of violence, manipulation and verbal abuse toward me.

I was vulnerable and deeply ashamed, thought it was my fault.

It took me a long time to come to terms with the abuse, but he was finally arrested and there is an ongoing investigation.

But he’s still free to exploit women for his own sexual gratification. Moved on to other women, younger, even more vulnerable than me , that will have found harder to say no to his demands, actively encouraging them to take drugs and alcohol, recording them naked without consent. Girls who are distant from their families, have financial worries or who had been previously abused.

Last week we met in the street by chance and all this feelings came back and went home crying and shaking. I saw in his eyes the lack of remorse, lack of accountability for his actions.

I’m working through love and forgiveness, but people have to be held accountable, and they can´t just bamboozle people and say, `Well, I just made a mistake.

When I told him in a calm manner how his actions have deeply affected me he just told me just to get over it and move on.

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