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Kyle Therrien. Vermont, used to reside in Pennsylvania.

Dated him for two weeks when I was in college and I have to vent to/ warm others.

-Controlling- He hates it when you don't tell him where you are AT ALL TIMES. I decided to hang out with some new friends after class. He asked where I was (He automatically assumed I was going to be at my dorm waiting for me at all times). I told him to come over and have fun. BIG mistake. He sat in the corner and pouted while reading some religious scripture. He told me it was to prevent him from "lashing out" at me in front of everyone since I "wasn't where I was supposed to be." Gross.

-Religious- Not inherently bad at all, but he used Catholicism to judge others and make him feel superior. Made my best friend cry because her religion was "wrong." Believes condoms are a sin and they prevent the man from giving his "gift" to the woman. I. Wish. I. Was. Kidding. Also full heartedly believed that women had more ribs than men because Adam gave a rib to make Eve. When I broke up with him, he posted on FaceBook, "Why has God forsaken me!!!" We're not in 30 A.D., get over yourself.

-Friend repellant- Drove away everyone I met. Thought I was going crazy until after we broke up. Had over a dozen people tell me, "We love you, we just didn't like HIM." Real wake up call.

-Petty- Tried to make me jealous on purpose. A girl in his Bible group hit on him I guess. He told me about it and seemed pissed that I could care less. Why should I be mad at the girl, you probably didn't tell her about me. I met her and she was cold towards me even though I was perfectly nice to her. He loved it because he thought we were "fighting" for him. That was until I told him she could have him.

-Homophobic- Again, the religious thing. "Quoted" the Bible and blah, blah, blah.

-Didn't shut the fuck up.

-Silent treatment- Don't know why this of all things still haunts me. There was nothing 'silent' about this. He would huff, plop himself down in a chair and fold his arm like a three year old. This never gave me anxiety before meeting him, because that's when he starts the terrible mind game of "You know what you did" and I had no clue because the things I would be in trouble for were absurd. It could be: I didn't compliment his new hair cut, didn't react enough to some achievement, (specifically) didn't clap to one of his self-righteous speeches. Again, get over yourself.

You may ask yourself, 'This happened all in two weeks?' Yes. His previous girlfriend lasted 8 months with him. He would wine about how she broke up with him over the phone. I did it over a text.

I hope he's having the life he deserves.

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