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Tony Fabrizio- Tampa- originally from Pennsylvania
He is a Narcissist a Sociopath and a Manipulator. He is a loser who spends all his money on prostitutes male and female and trans who have both a penis and breasts. He wasted 8 yrs of my life telling me he was going to marry me and he wanted a child with me and allowed me to pay for in-vitro several times while he was paying prostitutes doing drugs and having threesomes with men and woman and trannies in his home. He acts homophobic to throw you off from believing he is bisexual. He tells you what you want to here and everything he says is opposite of the truth. He acts like he's straight and acts like a tough guy who beats people up to make you think he's manly. He will act like a racist but those he says he's against he is actually sexually attracted to them. He calls others Pedi files but he goes after teenagers and has sex with them. Ladies Watch your children. He is a 46 yr old male who will say and do anything to have sex with you and anyone that breaths, and will take your money in the process. He is abusive mentally and physically and destroys walls and furniture and objects. He physically attacks you and then punches himself in the face so he can call the cops on you and get you arrested saying you did that to him.He is addicted to drugs,sex and gambling and has been in rehab with no success. He is a drug dealer and helps other guys to cheat and pay for prostitutes. He will make you feel sorry for him and say he's a good guy and put down all other men to make himself look and feel great! DONT BELIEVE HIS LIES!!!! HE IS THE BIGGEST SCUMBAG LOWLIFE LOSER TO WALK THE EARTH. MY BIGGEST MISTAKE IN LIFE!!!

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