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Daniel Joseph Zealberg. He used to live in Accokeek, Maryland, but now I think he is in Baltimore. He's in his late 50's now and I am sure, still running "the grift." Watch your money and your back with this scumbag. Not only is he physically abusive, but he loves to spend other people's money. When we broke up, and I went to Court to get my stuff back, he would not open the door for the Sherrif's Department to serve him the notice to give me my stuff back. So, I never did get it back. I lost everything I had, and shortly after I received notice that the case was being dropped by the Court because they could not serve him, my best friend and I drove by and saw him selling all my stuff at a Yard Sale. "Why didn't I do something," you ask? Well he is what we call a "Cop Caller." He would have called the Police and accused me of being drunk and all kinds of other stuff.

I am not sure if he cheated or not. He was too busy spending my money and not paying his bills even though we worked the same job as Ironworkers and he made more money. He smokes more Pot than people smoke cigarettes and he will tell your family ALL your business while of course, trying to make you look like a piece of crap. Luckily, I kicked his ass more times than he kicked mine (after he hit me first). When he ended up in the hospital with a concussion, he manipulated my family into thinking the whole thing was my fault. Oh, and he loves to file Restraining Orders and play the victim. Since he has an extensive Criminal Record, I guess he thinks everyone else should have one too. Unless you want to Pay for EVERYTHING, be made to feel like an a$$ every where you go, have semi-naked pictures taken of you when you are asleep, have your family think you are a Evil and have the Cops at your house every weekend for a Domestic Disturbance, you need to stay away from this guy. Don't let him slip out and smoke "GREEN" or go "DIPPIN." He may come back and try to kill your animals.

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By: Lawless49

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