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Nicholas "Cole" Filipek from Alameda , California. I believe the following to be true: Nicholas "Cole" Filipekkk physically assaulted me multiple times when we lived together. There is no debate or other side of the story as I not only filed a police report which is public record but I have Cole's own words stating directly and unapologetically via a time stamped email, "I'm not going to tell you not to tell your friends I beat you but when you make it public it's not ok." More receipts exist including further emails, landline phone bills in my name of our shared residence and cancelled checks.

Cole Filipekkk is also a hideous racist who called me a n**ger multiple times and racially profiled numerous Black children he came in contact with via a position of authority he attained (predominantly over children of color). I am Multi racial and he expressed disgust and shock at how, "Black" I looked in a kindergarten photo.

Cole fleeced me financially by bullying me into pay for everything. One day I had no change for the parking meter and outside the restaurant we were eating at and he expressed disgust that had to put his own coins in the meter. It didn't matter that I was paying for the entire expensive meal as usual. I'd saved some cash to buy trinkets and candy for a child I was babysitting later that day. When Cole saw that I had a few dollars and quarters he accused me of "lying about not having money for the meter" earlier that day. He then proceeded to take all the things I'd purchased and methodically threw each item into the street one by one before he dropping me off. The family I babysat for remembers me showing up distraught and in tears. Cole would also charge me money for rides to work and for parking tickets that were his responsibility as I don't drive.

Do not be fooled by Cole Filipekkk"s incessant pronouncements about his "Ivy league degree" and his claims of coming from a "happy family." According to *his own words* his mother was institutionalized following his birth (she thought he was infant incarnation of Jesus Christ). During Cole's childhood she demonstrated poor and narcissistic boundaries around the men she brought into the home he grew up in (and in which she still works). Cole told me as a teen he was breaking into the BnB near his home to commit bizarre sex related crimes (like masturbating over sleeping women) and was never caught.

One of the few regrets I have is not pressing charges against Filipekkk for domestic battery when given the chance. He is a text book narcissistic sociopath. I put myself at risk by posting this but have taken measures to protect myself. Cole Filipekkk has never apologized to me. I"m sure he's tried to reinvent himself as a "woke liberal' but he should fool no one. He has no redeeming features.

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