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Grady Taylor (also goes by Cuzzi)

We dated briefly (2mos approx)
After the second month he assaulted me. When I confronted him he said it wasn’t possible for him to do that because we were in a relationship. I said what about me saying NO, to which he replied, that’s selfish when you’re in a relationship. Unfortunately for me I wish it was the end. I ended up pregnant. I broke things off.

Fast forward, after the baby was born he begged to be apart of her life. He said he was a changed man, apologized over and over. Said he never meant to do that to me and that he’s never done that to anyone else. I stupidly believed him.

I offered to just coparent. No intimate relationship or dating at all. Not even 2 weeks into this arrangement he decided to tell me I’m not allowed to date anyone else.
I told him he didn’t have the right to make a demand. To which he responded with saying it was all or nothing. He demanded that if we were to continue to coparent we would need to be in a relationship or he would walk away completely. I told him I wanted nothing from him.

He ASSAULTED me WHILE I was holding my baby. He repeatedly hit me in the head with closed fists and pinned me against the couch as I was trying to protect my baby and set her down away from him.

HE IS A ABUSER. He uses tactics like control and love bombing to manipulate. He offers to help with finances only to back out at the last minute and some how make his reasoning nothing but excuses. He is not fit to be around children AT ALL. Please Ladies, protect yourselves and children from this predator.

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