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Andrew Bowen from Arizona. Narcissist. The fact he spoke so horribly about his ex wives should have been a raging red flag. Love bombed the heck out of me, cheated on both his exes (I found out from them), he is the textbook narcissistic abuser. Made me feel amazing at first, then chipped away at my confidence and mental health.

Everyone else was to blame for his issues. Not to mention he is addicted to tobacco, alcohol, and god knows what else. Plus… he’s got a small… ya know. And it’s gross. Homeboy needs orthodontic work, and serious therapy.

You’d think he’d get help considering he brought his daughter on dates with us, and she’s satan herself. I feel bad for her because she’s clearly got some issues, and I saw recently she’s gained a ton of weight since I met him. Run ladies. Save yourself the heartache. I needed therapy after him to control my PTSD that he caused.

His first ex wife — gorgeous but became an addict because of him, his second — gorgeous, lost a ton of weight and glowed up seriously big time after he left. He came from a shitty childhood but that’s not an excuse for ruining people’s lives. Just seriously… run. Don’t look back.

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By: mommac2022

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