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<strong>Jordan Brittelle from Albuquerque, NM.</strong> He’s charming and will make you fall for his every word without any hesitation. He gives you just enough of the truth for him to relieve his self guilt so that any expectations you may get will never be based off anything he’s said or done.

He cheats on all his girlfriends over and over again even to this day. His current girlfriend catching him with over 4 girls in the 3 years they’ve been together one of those girls she’s caught him with a minimum of 7 times starting the first year they were dating while she was pregnant with his TWINS!

He’s a sweet talker and he plays the game better than anyone I’ve seen. Then when things blow up he twists it all and makes you feel like it was all in your head. Gaslighting, cheating, lying, ghosting, after he’s already connected with you and pulled you in convincing you he loves you. It’s either a game to him to see if he can get women to fall for him and when he does he’s over it or he’s got too many other women in his life that he can only be good to one at a time so when he’s treating you like shit that must mean someone else is getting that attention. He’s just a fake ass excuse of a man. Now he’s living off his gf no job, making her look like a clown playing her out while she keeps catching him fucking around. Whatever lies he tells her, they’re working. Poor thing.

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