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phillip gene austin from oakboro, nc. STAY AWAY STAY AWAY STAY AWAY this guy cheats, cheats, cheats, lies, lies, lies. he is a BIG TIME narcissist. he loves women and cheats on several women at once. i dated him in 2020 and he was dating another woman for a long time when i found out and he cheats on her even now from what i hear he thinks people don't know this stuff but towns are very small. everyone knows who he is. he has a bad reputation. He thinks hes a ladies man, hes not. hes an absolute troll, solicits girls online, obsessed with chatting people online and meeting them.

i tried to communicate with her online but she didnt have much to say other than to stay away. I've spoken to a couple of his many women, sad to say we all have similar stories. he was arrested for assault on a female, its public. look it up. i heard its was current GF. he does not care who he sleeps with. he uses zero protection. ZERO. if you know this man, get tested yearly. he sleeps with prostitutes and random women off dating sites. he is a disgusting man who cheats, lies and beats women. he has zero respect for women and cant stand them however he loves sleeping around with so so so many women.

STAY CLEAR LADIES. HE IS BAD BAD NEWS VERY BAD GUY I feel for his current GF. they were together 2 years before i was with him. why she stays i do not know. he is a divorcee and cheated on his wife.i could go on and on but trust me ladies, he is a very bad man.go get tested if you ever once slept with this man and stay clear. pray for his GF. i dont know how she does it. am i bitter, yes, still because i allowed myself to believe this asshole clown. hes a player. believe nothing he says. he will chew you up and spit you out. he is the most disgusting man i have ever met. hes a pig.

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