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Mayo Michael Manass. Sacramento and Yuba city. He talks with a Nasal voice and never says anything even remotely manly or does anything chivalrous and doesn't even know how to unclog a toilet or drive a car. He pretty much just puts everybody he knows down so he can continue on in his own 'little' delusion of grandeur. I even found out that he was a self-proclaimed chubby homeless chaser and he never went for skinny or pretty girls before me. Once he had me though he tried to keep me trapped by making us move away from our friends and jobs and never letting me do anything fun while he was at work.

He is very passive-aggressive and emotionally abusive and acts like a teenage girl most of the time. He throws at least one stompy and muttering under his breath temper tantrum every 2-4 hours. He recently brought a chindo into our bedroom and I'm honestly tearing up/crying as I write this because I am that repulsed. When he busted it out, it smelled like poo and looked like he must have bought it used or something.

Anyways now it's all he ever wants to include in the sex now and I'm trying to figure out a way to leave him when our lease is up because he keeps on talking about how much he wants us to get pregnant and move in with his stepfather so I can work at Walmart and get this so he can finally focus to be a professional skater and he's like almost 30 years old already!!!!….Im about to escape him so this is a fair warning to all you other girls in norcal

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By: Rudolphia Tess

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