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<strong>Jose Luis Perez from Sylmar, CA</strong>. He is handsome and can be a real charmer. He works as a political organizer and acts clean-cut. He is in his late 40s now. I met him while he was organizing a campaign out here in the Midwest. Once it ended, we continued dating. I flew out to CA to see him and was blindsided. He was high the whole time. He also used Coke. It dawned on me that I’d been too naive to see it or even suspect it before.

He was arrogant and cruel—his friends had told him so in front of me, and he seemed proud of himself. He has a hair-trigger temper and is verbally abusive. And while he cuts you down, he laughs to himself like he’s a one-man comedy show. He fawns too much over small children, but I have no actual proof of any abuse by him, or I would have gone to the police. But my instincts are good, and his behavior always made me feel embarrassed and creeped out.

He constantly reminded me of his ex and how he had hit her. I told him he would not touch me, or he would have a police record and no more jobs in politics. It worked long energy ugh for me to get out of the relationship. But I knew if I didn’t, it was inevitable gat he would hit me. He constantly wanted me to hook up with he and his friends. He was fixated on it, but of course, didn’t say so until I was on his turf. I was devastated and confused.

Finally I suggested that perhaps he should just pimp me out to his friends because at least I’d get paid. And to my horror, he thought I was being serious! He proceeded to decide which friend would be first, etc. I was so crushed I just sobbed all night. It was then that I knew I was finally done. I know I shouldn’t, but I still kick myself. Unfortunately, I had a couple of days before I was flying back home. The night before I left, I was restless—apparently, it woke him because the next thing I knew, he was on top of me and I was saying “No!” And fighting him off with everything I had. Fortunately I’m fairly strong and he gave up. I took pictures of the fingerprint bruises on my inner thighs the next day just in case. He is a monster. I found out afterward that he had repeatedly cheated on me with girls aged 19, 21, etc. We were in our late 30s at the time. He just s a pig. He also had stolen large fold-up tables from my county’s party (the one that he was representing) after the campaign. And he had stabbed one of his cousins and slept with another. Pretty proud of those facts, too. This is the abbreviated version of the hell I experienced. I ended things in the summer if 2014.

I have had to repeatedly block him on EVERY social media outlet I use. And I have blocked a minimum of five phone numbers and maybe seven emails addresses. I am still scared he will show up and maybe one of my dogs will go missing. Or I will go missing. He is proud of the story about his cousin in prison who kidnapped his ex from a party at gunpoint. But I’ve told my parents, brother, and close friends about him, so at least people will know who hurt me.

I’ve dated off and on over the years, and I’m not friendly with all of my exes, but this is the only man I’ve ever felt that I needed to warn other women about for their own safety. His soul is black. Please be careful always.

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