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J. Chris Boyer from Marietta, California. I met Chris in Minneapolis in December’98. He was 19 and I had just turned 20. It was a casual friendship because it was long distance. We had never been intimate, only kissed at the club. He went back home to California for the summer.

I had start a job in Chicago and my new roommate was from Mission Viejo. She invited me to her childhood home in June ‘99. I called Chris And they invited Michelle and I over for a small house party that weekend.

Thankfully Michelle brought her best friend named Will with us. When we arrived it was just Chris and one of his friends and the three of us. Chris offered us drinks and we excepted. I mentioned my mixed drink tasted salty. Chris and his friend pooh-poohed my complaint. I did not know what a mixed drink should taste like. I was very naïve. Will became suspicious of their actions and told Michelle we should get going to the other party.

It was at that point that the date rape drug I had been given in my drink hit full effect. Oh I fell back into the couch and could not move or speak. Will and Michelle knew that something had happened. There was some yelling and Woell threw me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and put me in his car and drove me back to Michelle‘s house and she put me in her bed to sleep off the GHB.

Thank God they were there. I will probably would have been tag teamed by Chris and his friend had a not had someone looking out for me. It’s funny because he didn’t even need to drug me because I was into him.

Later on years later he emailed me and admitted he did it and apologized saying he had found God and become born again.

I found out he became a youth minister and I hope he never violated the trust of The kids that were in his charge.

I am starting to process the trauma of the violation and find it’s helpful to put it in writing.

I wasn’t able to press any charges because I waited too long to tell the police.
Moral of the story, don’t feel embarrassed to tell someone when you are violated. It’s not your fault. Process it early For your mental health later on in life.

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