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By: vicmig21

Paul Roger Bedard Jr. (from the reality TV show Gator Boys). Weston, FL

Paul is the biggest lying manipulative sack of —-. I was with Paul for years. We took a break when I went off to New Zealand to pursue my Masters. He dated other people, so did I. I accidentally got pregnant while in New Zealand, I told Paul everything.

He welcomed me home with open arms and said he didn’t care that the baby wasn’t his. He acted like a saint at first. Paid for everything, really took care of me. Once I had Joseph he changed. He didn’t want me anymore, just Joseph. He wanted to be daddy but treated me like shit. The show became a hit and he secretly started dating Caroline. He then kicked me and Joseph out of the house so he could move Caroline in. He broke my heart. He promised we’d get married, told me he loved me.

He agreed to keep paying for my school and Joseph but I didn’t have enough to get a place of my own so I was forced to move in with my mom (I didn’t work I was trying to finish up my education). Paul didn’t like the distance from Joseph so he got us a small house in a neighboring city.

Paul didn’t want me living too close to him and Caroline. I’d see them together and it would kill me. Breaking my heart all over again. Because he was paying for everything, including my education I just did what he said. I eventually met my current husband and I told him about everything Paul had done. I was an emotional mess when Mario met me. Mario married me and we agreed we needed to get Paul out of our life.

So I cut him off. Paul had no legal rights to Joseph. I was done being abused by Paul. Having him hold my education over my head so he could get what he wanted.

Paul turned into a monster. Caroline eventually saw what a scumbag he was and dumped him. It’s been 5 years and 4 domestic violence charges later:

Paul is still making my life miserable. Making matters worse he currently has a pregnant girlfriend and I know she is going to go through what I did. I want to save her, I just don’t know-how.

Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble who loved Gator Boy Paul but he is a rotten self serving dishonest manipulative sack of crap.
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