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Flamingo Ln
Dallas, TX 75218 US

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Father and Son living next door to each other. They trap and kill pet cats in the neighborhood with no regard for the feelings of the pet owners. They say they are upset because in the mornings their outdoor chairs have cat hair on them. All of the pet owners around them are scared to death about this. They try to keep their cats inside but sometimes they will get out only to get murdered by this maniac…….They bait their traps with chicken…..Rotten Neighbors.

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CommentsWho Voted written by DRF62977 13 hours ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -1 | Rate Comment: + – All cats should be indoor animals and when they are kept indoors they are protected from such people. Cats are not wild animals and should not be allowed to roam the neighborhoods. If you let your animals roam then you are responsible for what happens.

written by honest-1 2 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -1 | Rate Comment: + – If you don’t want your cats to get killed, keep them in your own yard. (Common sense)

written by sweetness5150 28 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -9 | Rate Comment: + – HOW ABOUT WE WORRY OVER THE MORE SERIOUS PROBLEM OUR WORLD HAS…………AND LEAVE CATS ALONE?

written by jimquillin 13 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -2 | Rate Comment: + – Here Here!

written by clubberlang 31 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – Dog urine? How do you propose one collect said dog urine? These people have a real problem and you aren’t really providing a valid option. Pepper spray is cheap and effective for this type of problem and good can of %20 fogger is less than thirty dollars

written by berns 29 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – I too was wondering how one collects a squirt gun full of dog urine. I had a picture in my mind but a little cat hair on my lawn funiture seemed a much better option. 😉

written by SarahXDylan 31 days ago Rating: 5 | Rate Comment: + – I for one think chemicals and kiddie pools are no solution to the problem. If you are going to keep an offending cat a prisoner I can understand that, but murder is not an option and you will certainly be arrested… even in Texas.

A squirt gun filled with dog urine is a great deterrant and the lingering smell will remind them to stay away. Just trap them, douse them with urine, and let them go. They will never come back and your furniture stays hair free.

written by Catl0ver 32 days ago Rating: 4 | Rate Comment: + – You are dead wrong Dr. Phil, if that is your real name. Chlorine gas is a pulminary agitant and can nearly dissolve the lungs. You would be much better off simply drowning the offending cat in a kiddie pool. EVERY redneck has a kiddie pool.

written by sweetness5150 28 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -3 | Rate Comment: + – YEAH “YOU” SHOULD KNOW RIGHT?

written by PhilGrievesPHD 32 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -2 | Rate Comment: + – Chlorine is an pulminary IRRITANT and not an agitant. The ammonia is the key component as it will create Chloramine, which increases the bioavailability for the chlorine to function. In an overall sense much less painful then drowning. Asphixia and the resulting cardiac arrest from drowning are both horribly painful and thus inhumane.

written by PhilGrievesPHD 36 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -2347 | Rate Comment: + – They have the right to capture and euthenize but it must be done HUMANELY. WIth cats naturally that is not a trial by their peers but rather a painless concoction known as Chlorine gas. That is what the vets use. You can use 2 parts ammonia and one part bleach. The cat will drift painlessly to sleep forever and you will sleep well at night knowing you have not caused suffering to a helpless animal

written by sweetness5150 28 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – OMG I’D LIKE TO GIVE IT TO YOU TO DRINK!!

written by DeltaBurke 36 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -652 | Rate Comment: + – You cat owners have no rights to allow your cat to leave hairs all over their outdoor furniture. SOme people are allergic or otherwise digusted but that kind of thing and have right to protect their own property. If you don’t like keeping watch over you little bird eating monsters then buy a hairless cat and the big bad “Cat Killers” won’t be ****

written by idontlikewhineybitches 34 days ago Rating: 2 | Rate Comment: + – You’re stupid!!!! Cat owners dont have control over where their cats go…EVEN THOUGH THE DUMB***** SHOULD KEEP THE CATS IINSIDE to avoid hateful ***holes like you!

written by kellythebeast 35 days ago Rating: 7 | Rate Comment: + – AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL SOMEONE’S PET YOU HATEFUL B***!!!

written by mistypotato 37 days ago Rating: 5 | Rate Comment: + – People have the right to enjoy the privacy of their own homes and yards (except when it comes to cable tv). People do not have the right to abuse animals.

Folks, placing poison such as antifreeze in food for human or animal consumption except where specifically exempted by law is a criminal act in all 50 states. Don’t just post a complaint here, contact your local authorities. Usually there is at least one animal compassionate person in your animal control department that will take the complaint and assist you with measures to end the illegal abuse. If not, contact your nearest animal rescue organization and they may be able to give you references or guidance.

Cat owners…pets should not be allowed to roam the neighborhood. If you are not able to keep your pets inside or confined, then you should not have them. There are fencing systems designed to keep cats from scaling fences. If you are feeding strays, God bless you but keep in mind that feeding is not enough. Please consider trapping and having these strays spayed and neutered to reduce the stray population. Complaining neighbors, find a tiny bit of compassion in your heart and realize that the neighbors feeding strays aren’t made of gold and there is a cost associated with spaying and neutering. Your neighbor probably DID NOT cause the stray cat problem but is trying to help. Instead of just complaining, offer assistance. What a concept! Unfortunately for some people, poison is the “cheaper and easier” method. (Everyone wants the “Easy” way out of everything…and we wonder what’s wrong with this country)

written by kellythebeast 37 days ago Rating: 5 | Rate Comment: + – I for one definately do not let my cats outside under any circumstance because of all the outside dangers and of course I love them quite dearly. They have not gotten outside accidently but they do try. Yes I do understand about not wanting cat hair and dander all over your lawn furniture and know what it’s like to have allergies to that extreme (housedust is the main culprit for me). However to the people on here that think its okay to kill cats bfree & ilikethemight how would you like it if you were viciously torn apart by a bigger animal Or shot? Bfree you SHOULD have called animal control to pick her up as soon as you saw there was a problem!

As for the psychotic son of a #*@*!* who gets alot of pleasure from killing defenseless animals and loves seeing the owners with their children suffering and carries a gun on him is a good indication that he will soon become a serial killer. I’m not doing any fear mongering but it IS a proven fact that people like him will eventually move on to killing people for their “fun” and/or power trip. If you don’t believe me you should read the biography books on serial killers; Jeffrey Dahmer,Zodiac Killer, The Iceman Cometh, etc.

To all the persons who call us Crazy Cat People I for one do step up by having my cats fixed,again not letting them outside, taking good care of them. Also if I saw someone who was mentally ill and was hoarding cats I would call animal control and quite possibly Social Services to have the whole situation dealt with.

written by buttercup 37 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -2 | Rate Comment: + – Death to the infidels!

written by HighlySchmotivated 38 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -1 | Rate Comment: + – The point is that cats should not be allowed to roam the neighborhood… and neighbors should not be allowed to poison them.

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