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Source: Catfish Queen Georgia Nike-Kuye aka [REDACTED] goes too far with photo…

Catfish Queen Georgia Nike-Kuye aka [REDACTED] goes too far with photo …

Nik check out the ultimate catfish queen Georgia..she’s a p4p gal being passed ‘round in Dubai atm getting dumped on by old hairy sh3ikhs!!!!!!!She’s been stuffing her face every night then trying to edit herself into an hourglass shape when she’s actually a wide load with a sagging body that’s why she always hides from video until I caught this one in a tag!!!!!!! Georgia is also an unsuccessful groupie that got booted out of a James Harden interview in the 6ix for being too thirsty that’s why she ran to Dubai to sell her stray cat!!!!! 🙂 She’s so broke she can’t even afford surgery off p4p and just photoshops lies…… Her and her friend [REDACTED] aka Fumi The Label aka Fumi Aiseosa Osa have literally been going into Dubai stores pretending to shop!!?! In Toronto they both pose with one handbag for an Instagram pic then return it with spooge on it 🤭 Fumi is screwing an old white sugar daddy who’s been blowing her back out nightly with his dino d1c4 but won’t give her enough change to fix her McDonald’s M shaped wig bahahaha What birds honestly!! Zero jobs and zero substance! They deleted all their old pics so folks won’t know they’ve been doing p4p for over a decade with no real upgrades except stiletto heels!! cheap floozy’s 😵‍💫

Published at Fri, 29 Oct 2021 19:3:1 GMT

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