Discovered on: 2022-05-06 14:01:00

Source: Chanel Reid Infected Floozy


This is Chanel Reid, no shame in her game as she posts her face in her body pics on LeoList. I hit her up, and when we met up she stunk like alcohol and she was a lot heavier than in her pictures. She showed up in sweatpants with her hair in a disgusting ball on her head some girls cal it a “bun” but Chanel’s was a rats nest on top of her head. When we got to it she didn’t make me use protection so I assumed she was clean.. Boy was I wrong. Few days later it burned so bad to pee, by the time I got to the doc my downstairs member was oozing green. I was positive for the nasty little DRDs that starts with a G.. Only person I slept with was Chanel. When I messaged her about it she tried saying “Im the one who asked for bareback” But i only ever requested an hour with this disgustingly infected floozy. Paid $150 for an DRDs. If you see this girl steer clear of her, She had the biggest bush which I didn’t mind but I noticed lots of gross crusties in her pubic hair. Get checked you nasty sl00t and stop infecting INNOCENT MEN!!!

Discovered on Fri, 6 May 2022 2:30:2 GMT

Discovered at: Chanel Reid Infected Floozy

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