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Source: Christina Marie Church, the shady homewrecker who loves drama – The Di…

Christina Marie Church, the shady homewrecker who loves drama – The Di …

This is Christina Marie Church, aka [REDACTED] on all her socials. She seeks attention in any shape or form and will do anything. She will also open her legs to anyone who gives her attention vause she is desperate for love and if she likes someone, them being in a relationship won’t stop her. She’ll sit there and wait for her chance all while pretending to be the nice person. She brags about being abused and uses it as a crutch and as an excuse for the way she acts. She also doesn’t have her two older kids who she isn’t even allowed to see or talk to cause of her being a m3thhead when she was allowed to be with them. All she does is post on tiktok and Facebook, Instagram gram and her YouTube channel and smoke inside her apartment and tries to be “one of the boys” but we are just so sick of her. All she posted about for a while was someone’s fiance when she convinced him to hook up with her when the guys fiance went away. They had a break for 4 days and she went running to him for her chance. The poor guy said it smelled so bad and it looked like she doesn’t wash her own a55. Said her breath always smelled like rotting teeth too. Now he said he’s going to the doctor cause ever since then, he hasn’t felt right down there. Beware of this attention hungry cvnt

Published at Wed, 3 Non 2021 2:30:4 GMT

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