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Source: Columbine Cultists & Copycats – The autistic legacy that…

Jeff is a more successful yet least popular version of the later columbine copycat Randy Stair

(video by mister metokur, here’s a more comprehensive version.

) this includes his animations titled target practice, these animations can be found via newgrounds.

Part 2:

A picture of his main self insert character he used in The animations linked.

images (5).jpeg

Unlike Randy Stair or Nicolas Cruz Weise has little to no cult following.
Jeffrey James Weise was an American mass murderer and spree killer who was a student at Red Lake Senior High School in Red Lake, Minnesota. He murdered nine people in a shooting spree on March 21, 2005. Wikipedia
Born: August 8, 1988, Minneapolis, MN
Died: March 21, 2005, Red Lake Senior High, Red Lake, MN
Cause of death: Self-inflicted gunshot wound
Weapons: Glock 23, Ruger MK II, Remington 870
Motive: Depression
Parents: Daryl Allen Lussier, Jr., Joanne Elizabeth Weise

download (1).jpeg


Jeff Weise – Wikipedia

Obligatory fangirl deviantart page:

femaleelvenwarrior12 User Profile | DeviantArt

Check out femaleelvenwarrior12’s art on DeviantArt. Browse the user profile and get inspired.

Jeff Weise by femaleelvenwarrior12 on DeviantArt

Some Tumblr art:

images (6).jpeg

a nice story which likely didn’t happen from weises classmates.

Teen had tried to befriend Minnesota shooter

A teenager wounded in the Red Lake High School shooting said he reached out to gunman Jeff Weise before the attack because the boy seemed to have no friends.

His ED page:

Jeff Weise – Encyclopedia Dramatica

Archive of his content:

Jeff Weise Newgrounds Content : Jeff Weise : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Flash movies/games made by Red Lake High School killer, Jeff Weise c. 2000-4

Jeff’s newgrounds:

A Tribute To Jeff Weise

He was our only hope.

Newgrounds bemoans having hosted Weise.


The fandom has a look back on Jeff.

Jeff Weise

Jeffrey James Weise (August 8, 1988 – March 21, 2005) (AKA Regret) was a Flash artist who created two violent flash movies titled, “Clown” and “Target Practice”. He committed a school shooting on March 21, 2005 and committed suicide soon after the shooting. Jeffrey had submitted two disturbing…

Witness story:

You could hear a girl saying, ‘No, Jeff, quit, quit. Leave me alone. What are you doing?’

Nine killings in deadly school rampage of neo-Nazi loner stun Red Lake.


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Discovered at: Columbine Cultists & Copycats – The autistic legacy that Eric and Dylan left behind

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