Discovered on: 2022-10-06 00:15:15

Source: Complaint / Review: –… is a rip-off run via way of IMMANUEL BELCHER (main owner), HUSH MEDIA NETWORKS llc, EAE MANAGEMENT GROUP, Linda Jones (owner), Tiffany Gaines (owner), KIMBERLY JONES, VIP GOLD RENTALS, AMADA RECORDS, david walter wells (owner), EAE RADIO, IMMANUEL BELCHER (owner),, DJ GRID USA, THE DJ GRID, CREATIVEIMAGEBOUTIQUE OR CREATIVE IMAGE BOUTIQUE, VIP RECORDINGS, PREDICTEDPLATINUMRECORDS OR PREDICTED PLATINUM RECORDS , priceroyaltypublishing, ssglobalmedia, ssglobalentertainment, Jsdl Enterprises LLC, Pressure Media Networks LLC, DIAMOND LEE,,, AND OTHERS to harass and or rip-off people. has this hassle in no way resolved regardless of tries to contact them and being overlooked or have my phrases grew to develop to be spherical or them being on their excessive horse, delaying some thing getting done. I posted a assessment which is truthful and they did no longer like it so they slandered me and family members. I have tried to reach them many situations totally to be left out till they attempt to are looking out for revenge. They would possibly additionally additionally all at once reply intent of this however that will no longer do anything. I have them left out them for a lengthy while completely until they cooperate due to the fact that they never listen. If they decide upon to get to the backside of things they would put off matters rapidly so i can clear things out as quickly as feasible for them. I have to spend a lot of time to repair the damages first and foremost till they listen. When they cooperate i will pay activity to them and furnish free assist to them. This is a sincere overview on their websites. would you do business employer with companies that does this? That abuses their very very own structures at the risk of their popularity to harass and slander human beings while now now not cooperating and being ignorant?

Discovered on Fri, 1 Jul 2022 12:35:1 GMT

Discovered at: Complaint / Review: – USED to …

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