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Source: Complaint / Review: TheHoth – Mislead by Hoth-X promises. Zero results…


I had high hopes originally to acquire organic customers to my website cheap fast resumes, and within the first 30 days (before any promised results, I was told, could be expected in terms of customers–so I should just patiently wait and blindly follow “Max” and his pep talks) Total wishful thinking on my part, with no results to substantiate anything. The following is my “Update”: During my 6 months as a Hoth-X customer, I received a number of what I can only describe as “used-car-salesman”-type pump talks from various HOTH people on the phone and by email, telling me I should just trust them to pay their exorbitant fees, and I would end up with more customers. I feel completely and absolutely deceived by this whole scam Hoth company. I spent approximately $6000 CAD and wasted endless hours of my time, yet received just 4 (four) clicks on the 2 new so-called “service pages” Max and his people created during the entire roughly 5 months dealing with this company. That’s right! Just 4 clicks, and none of them became paying customers, either. My own analytic software back this up. I am also not comfortable with the “fake media reviews” which Hoth inserted into Facebook and elsewhere, written by their freelance writers with poor English in Malaysia, India and elsewhere–apparently to trick Google’s algorithyms into believing they are real customers? So much of what The Hoth did in terms of SEO left my feeling “dirty”, like the whole SEO game they were selling is to try to misrepresent my website to Google in order to trick Google’s engine to bring me to the top. I am an honest person, and an honest businessperson to. I don’t cheat my customers, my wife, or anybody else. After 5 months of ZERO results with Hoth-X, I finally took a hard look at the numbers and my own analytics software, and looking in the mirror I realized I had been “scammed”. So, please do not be fooled by The Hoth. They will undoubtedly reply to this review to defend their flaky rep Max and the whole company. But all I know is I lost over $6000 Canadian Dollars and hundreds of hours of my life. I will never get either back. Please read my words of caution, and don’t be fooled by the whole marketing of The Hoth. Jim (cheap fast resumes)

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Discovered at: Complaint / Review: TheHoth – Mislead by Hoth-X promises. Zero results …

Learn more at Complaint / Review: TheHoth – Mislead by Hoth-X promises. Zero results …

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