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crazy, and delusional neighbor!

Pinellas Park, FL 33782 US

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Posted bybonniefly 5 days ago

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she sits and watches her security cameras 24/7and they have a yard alarm! they even petition the neighbors to agree that we should be evicted from living there, even we payed our rent, then show it to the landlord. our landlord , thankgod thought she was nut! they are actually to the right of 6048 109th terrace…i think 6050. they own and hate any renters!!!! they are mean to kids and animals too!! we kept calling the crappy pinellas park police and of course thry never did anythinhg about it! thankgod the whole block hated their guts!!! she accused my 10 yr old kid of being a perverted peeping tom and she is the most fugliest butch ever known to mankind, but my son who doesnt even like girls yet is just drooling thinking of her—-I THINK NOT!!!. we have seen her crawling on the ground when helicopters would go by! she had p.t.s.d. from the war which is sad but lady take ur meds!!! she would sick her dog on any animal that entered her yard! what goes around comes around cuz the biggest biker redneck moved in and Chinese people PAINTED THEI R TRAILER PURPLE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! KARMA IS A ##### !!!

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CommentsWho Voted written by cliffdonovan 3 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – Forget about the Pinellas County Police. I was arrested by one on 49th Street on a Saturday down by the mall and the animal adoption place. It was raining out and my car slid when the car in front of me slammed on their brakes. My car hit the car and I got arrested for cussing at the Police Officer. He NEVER read me my miranda rights. And it cost me a huge amount of time and money and anxiety to clear the whole thing up. Not a good thing when a police officer accuses you of abusing them. I wrote the Pinellas County Chief of Police to complain and to tell the truth as I got a copy of the police report that had a lie or two in it. And I never got a reply from the Police Chief. The Pinellas County PD has a bad reputation.

written by Buford 3 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – I’ve noticed that lots of cops will get an attitude when people cuss at them because, just like you, they don’t like it very much. About the only way they have to retaliate is to take you into custody on some kind of “contempt of cop” beef.

If folks can’t bring themselves to be polite to police officers, they should at least be civil. And remember, you’re never under any obligation to discuss anything with a police officer; you’re generally required only to properly identify yourself and that’s it.

Oh, and don’t feel unique if there is some incorrect information in the field report that was submitted about your incident … that’s probably true of more than 2/3 of those things, and the judges know it.

written by Bree-chan 4 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – well she’s a nutcase XD

written by BunnysRules 5 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – DesertRat – you are RIGHT ON with your observation and suggestions.

Thanks for being on the right side of the fence!

written by DesertRat 5 days ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – Your complaint is a little incoherent ” they even petition the neighbors to show to the landlord!” What are you trying to say?

To deal with the cameras, get a couple of laser pointers or designators that can be externally powered. Aim them at the cameras/camera domes. It will blind them. Turn the pointers on and off randomly to increase their confusion. Sometimes similar things can be done to yard alarm senors too.

written by bonniefly 4 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – yes the petition part is confusing, i will fix it! they took a petition around to the neighbors to sign saying they agree that we should be evicted for being bad neighbors! then she went to my landord who lives a couple of blocks away! my landlord just laughed at her! thanks for the ideas!!!

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