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Posted: Sat Sep 20, 2008 12:17 pm We live in an apartment complex on the ground floor. There’s a common yard area where all the ground floor tenants usually take their dogs out to do their business, which is fine, except we’re supposed to PICK UP AFTER THEM! Apparently our neighbors on the left doesn’t quite grasp that concept! They let their gigantic dogs—2 of them—take massive dumps and then leave it for everyone else to step in. Maintenance has left notes by the mailboxes telling our building to remember to clean up, but they don’t give a ####. What’s even worse is that they sometimes pick it up, if they’re not too busy being lazy, but they will just put it in a plastic grocery bag out on their patio. They let the bags pile up before they finally take them to the dumpster. Talk about nasty! These are the most inconsiderate, ghetto-fabulous, trashy people I have ever encountered! We have a small dog and once when I was taking her out, The ##### next door let her dog out at the same time NOT EVEN ON A LEASH and scared the bejeezus out of my poor little dog! After about 5 minutes of the dog standing at our sliding glass door and trying to get to my dog, the stupid ### finally WALKED after her dog to catch him! Ugh!

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