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Source: Do any guys hate when women do this? –

06/20/2011 05:51 PM

*adorable umbrella*

Do any guys hate when women do this?

99% of all sexual encounters of mine end up like this.

Start out missionary. I take it at my pace. Slow with occasional fast pace but mostly slow so I can keep control over my semen. 10 minutes. 30 minutes. sometimes 45 minutes of great control. I can flip her over and get her in a doggy position and keep excellent control.

But what gets me is when a woman forces herself on top of me. They never ask. They jump up on me and grab my dick and shove it in them. Then they ride me like a freakin horse. They start out at fast speed and then ultra fast speed then demonic speed and finally possessed by the succubus speed. They’re like writhing on me and I always cum within a minute. Usually i’ll tell them im cumming but they wont get off and I have to grab my own dick and yank it out cause they are no help at all.

Does this happen to you? I think I can enjoy a woman on top but they have no patience. They just wanna shred your dick to pieces with Usian Bolt speed sport fyckin. Any of you ever have a woman on top that goes nice and slow? Is it possible? A woman being on top is like her basically raping you of your will to not get a woman pregnant. It’s her primal instinct to get on top and force her will over you and force you to cum in them.

Im sure it’s happened alot to men that women get on top and the man says “im cumming” and she sinks real low on his dick and traps his hips with her ass not letting him get up. Women are rapists.



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