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Source: Doctor DOUCHE! AKA Matt Hughes

Doctor DOUCHE! AKA Matt Hughes

If you see this man come up in real life, dating apps, bar, Instagram … what have you, RUN!!! This man is a lunatic. I recently got in touch with this man on hinge ( in Calgary) and I thought everything was going well and normal. Our date was good, great company and normal…until…I got message out of the BLUE explaining to me what a pathological liar he is! Not only was he trying to court me, he had an entire relationship and not with one girl but MULTIPLE WOWEN!!! He was in relationships with at least 4-5 women and dating another who knows how many others. He convinces women he is committed and he plays the nice guy so well that he actually convinced all these women they were the “only one he was seeing.” Doctor Douche AKA Matt Hughes, works with [REDACTED] as a Dermatologist Resident sure thinks he can snake his way through the city and no one will find out? Ewwwww. And, he doesn’t use protection. If he convinced you to sleep with him. GET CHECKED!! NOW!!! What kind of doctor doesn’t even practice the most simple safety precaution? I guess it is true what they say about doctors and their god-complex. He just gives me the biggest ikkk. I saw the screen shots so you don’t have to. Yuck!

Published at Fri, 29 Oct 2021 19:3:1 GMT

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