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Source: Dog Barks Constantly

Dog Barks ConstantlyPosted by Private 115 days ago

RATINGBeaver Bog Rd
New Fairfield, CT 06812 USThese people have a (big) dog that barks all day and into the night. Even when they are home they will let it bark for an hour before trying to stop it. Don’t expect to ever sleep past 8am in this neighborhood.           

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CommentsWho Voted written by sammykovu 107 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -2 | Rate Comment: + – Are you an idiot, there is nothing but trees around you must be the trees barking. Really get a hobby. Go ahead call animal control they will be laughing at you just like some of us.PLEASE.

written by network1022 108 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -4 | Rate Comment: + – You losers have nothing better to do with your lives than to worry about a dog barking? Maybe you need to look within to solve your issues. Maybe a hobby to occupy your time would help. People like you just use a barking dog as a convenient excuse to harass your neighbors. If they didn’t have a dog you would find something else to whine about. I’ll bet there were dogs in the neighborhood when you moved in. Why did you move there? Move next to the airport and complain about all the planes, or better yet, just get a life.

written by katerbrig 110 days ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – How suspicious that Allison and Brad/Carisa have the same opinion about the issue and both signed up to share their opinion at exactly the same time.


Barking dogs are a big problem and there is lots of information on the internet on filing suit in a small claims court. Sometimes the only way to get people to cooperate is by hitting them where it hurts.

written by johnv89 113 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -5 | Rate Comment: + – shoot the dog… then eat it.

written by RuprectHallows 114 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -666 | Rate Comment: + – Talk about making a big deal out of nothing, there is no house even close to you!

written by FtownHalcyon 114 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – Few things are more annoying and disturbing than a constantly barking dog. You are well within acceptable social standards to not only be annoyed and to consider this intrusion on your peace an unlawful nuisance, but you also are well within your rights to petition the court for relief. If your area does not have a barking dog ordinance, first, organize a petition drive to get one adopted by your city or county governing body. Second, in the absence of such an ordinance, make some tape recordings of the barking, preferably video recordings showing dates and times. Then, go to your county attorney and swear out a complaint against the dog owners/harborers, advising the county attorney that you have audio/video evidence to support your complaint. Recruit as many friends, family and neighbors who have experienced this nuisance (preferably while visiting at your home) to testify. Stay on the county attorney to ensure the citation and summons are served promptly. In your complaint, be sure to include monetary damages – calculate both the cost of your time to prosecute the complaint and the relaxation/work/social time the nuisance dog has robbed you of over, say, a six-month period. Don’t undervalue your time, either. You also should report – frequently – the barking dog to your local animal control agency requesting a welfare check on the animal. Do this often enough and the officer him or herself may well cite the dog owners to prevent more trips to the property. I hope this helps and good luck with this terrible problem.

written by Buford 114 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – Don’t put up with that kind of crap. Inconsiderate/irresponsible dog owners are the worst.

Call animal control or the ASPCA and ask them about it. It’s possible that the dog is being mistreated. Report them

written by chrisbn 112 days ago Rating: 3 | Rate Comment: + – I agree, inconsiderate/irresponsible dog owners are second worse to inconsiderate/irresponsible parents. Report them. The appropriate agency will determine if you are making a big deal out of it, or not.

written by Allison 114 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -6 | Rate Comment: + – Yes, you are making a big deal out of nothing. You need to close your windows if you are so bothered by the dogs barking. All dogs are going to bark. You need to leave these people alone.

written by BradCarisa 115 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -5 | Rate Comment: + – WOW!! The closest house is like a mile away!! I think you my friend are the rotten neighbor!! How loud could a dog be when there is that much land with that many trees seperating the houses?

written by Allison 114 days ago – show/hide this comment Rating: -7 | Rate Comment: + – Yes, you are making a big deal out of nothing. If you are so bothered, close your windows so you can’t hear the dogs barking. Why can’t you just live and let live?

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