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“Dragon Lady”

Cay Ct
Casa Conejo, CA 91320 US

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Horrible neighbor! These people make our daily life a living ####. Constant complaints….about everything, dogs, kids, cars being parked anywhere near thier house (they immediatly call the police to report your vehicle as abandoned the second you park anywhere near thier house. They complain about sprinkler water in the gutter, they didnt like the noise of our moving truck the day we moved in, they didnt like our RV parked in our sideyard, they eavesdrop on us constantly and yell over the fence, she takes pictures of our yard when were gone, she photographs dog poop! Who does this? They told people they think were a drug dealing house….I’m a daycare, people are in and out all the time, and when they were told that I was a daycare and not a drug dealer I just happened to get a visit from the state. They had our trailer towed the one week it was on our street(because we were remodling) they have called the police on our yard, saying it is unkept and a health hazard to our neighborhood (our backyard is gorgeous!) They have called animal control on our dogs and claimed negligence…which was unwarranted. They called the police when we had a family summer BBQ and reported a domestic dispute, when kids were just playing in the backyard. They yell at us when were on walks with our small children, public places like the grocery store and home depot. They send thier grown kids over to our street (they are behind us) to ask neighbors on our street if they know what “bad neigbors we are” who has time for this? I had a very important background check for a job and they completely destroyed any chance of me ever getting that job, when I have never done anything to them. My children call her “dragon lady” because she is so mean, and yells at them and us. It isnt just us though, she yells at other neigbors for various reasons. One of her many trips over here to complain, I told her I had had enough, and not to come back over and knock on my door or I would kick her a$$ all the way back to her house and she again called the police and told them I “threatened her life” OMG! The police saw right through her and instructed her to remain on her own street only and warned her to never come to my house again. Now they are threatening a lawsuit, they just yelled about it today when my husband and son were riding thier bikes in the neighborhood. They cannot be serious! Most aweful neighbors I have ever had to deal with. Unbelievable useless complainers, they seriously need to get a life and pull thier noses out of our lives. They better hope they never need our help because we wouldnt pi$$ on them if they were on fire!

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