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Source: Elda Lee Dirty Bubble Headed Slooooooot

Elda Lee Dirty Bubble Headed Slooooooot

Elda has a dog that sh1ts everywhere n she doesn’t clean. She literally lives in her filth. She cries about her ex all day who left her and wouldn’t get back w her because he has a new gf. She cheated on him with her boss at the Bellagio who ghosted her and won’t talk to her. So she tried to get back w her ex who didn’t want her back. After I kicked her out because she leaves food on the stove for three days and lives in her dogs sh1t, she went back to her ex. She stole petty shit like groceries but she also stole an expensive pair of special edition Air Force ones. She Is the biggest bubble head. She comes home drunk and talks to her dog all night because she’s crazy. She’s addicyed to happay. It’s a shamanic tobacco snuff u blow up your nose. She’s so bubble headed you can assign her days to sweep and she still won’t fuking get it. Self centered and no self awareness. Listening to her cry all day over her ex and then end up going back To him because her boss didn’t want her just shut up already: you’re a sl00t with no self esteem. She told me she’s white. But her mom has an accent. Lol how do you even not know what you are? Bubble head. When I went to her ex’s house to help her his house was covered in dog sh1t too, this is how she lives. Disgusting.

Published at Fri, 29 Oct 2021 19:3:1 GMT

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