Discovered on: 2022-09-21 15:50:16

Source: Erykah Bellegarde Damn look who’s posted againnnn – The Dirty

It’s no surprise this b1tch been posted up here last year, well here we go again. This broad so lost in reality, thinks she’s all that but in reality she’s just a b1tch with a Skinner Bb dad 😂 annnd you think she f7cked your boyfriend she probably did can’t put nothing last this b1tch. She claims to be “sober” but it never lasts. She has no real friends because she’s such a grimey wh0r3. She is basically the remand pass around lmao. This girl makes herself look so dumb by posting all these different guys , every day it’s a new [REDACTED] lmfao I feel sorry for her, and her kids. Must suck to have a sad excuse of a mother, I’d be embarrassed to be this h0es friend or man. shooting up H and smoking meth and being a low-key pepsihead ain’t the move Bb. Claims she’s down with a$ap meanwhile she just f7cks all of them lol. She has no genuine friends because she can’t keep her legs closed or mouth shut, soon as she falls out with a so called “girl” she’s in their bf or bbdads DMs or reactions. maybe if you stopped being such a dumb whore you would have real friends b1tch. Feel sry for any [REDACTED] that fw her go get yourself checked,🤢 this girl is just a lowlife deadbeat mother with sum major daddy issues probably why she got a new man every other day lmfaooo. Even a waist trainer can’t hold all her saggy weight in. she’s a str8 up catfish. Behind the contacts and cheap eyelashes and lbs of makeup she’s just a used up little girl who belongs to all of Edmonton 🤣 try taking pics without the filters we all know your face got scars and scabs from the m3th. clown a$$ b1tch

Discovered on Sun, 17 Jul 2022 2:30:2 GMT

Discovered at: Erykah Bellegarde Damn look who’s posted againnnn – The Dirty

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