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Feral Child

Hamilton St
San Diego, CA 92116 US

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Posted byillustr8or 100 days ago

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Definitely a case for making sure your kid isn’t home schooled. This kid runs around all year round with no apparent supervision and barefoot, hits parked cars with CDs and footballs, yelling epithets at neighbors from around the corner of houses, barking like a rabid dog from the darkness of his window when people walk by, leaving ‘stink bombs’ on front doorstep and the tire of the ice cream truck (which doesn’t come around anymore!), scaring neighborhood pets, screaming like a demon all hours of the day with his gang of neighborhood brats that all need a good swat, flea dip, and a hair cut. When these aggravations are brought to the attention of his inattentive and feckless father, he just rolls his eyes, sighs, and talks to him in a quiet voice conveying nothing to the devil child – who then bald face lies that “It wasn’t me” or “No! I didn’t!”. Holidays roll around and the feral child is lavished with gifts to mollify him. Nice going! That’ll teach him. Try reform school.

To make matters worse, the brat’s father is part of the ‘neighborhood watch’. That’s irony for you.

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To make matters worse, the brat’s father is part of the ‘neighborhood watch’. That’s irony for you. “>        |   Bookmarks  
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