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Todd Rd
Francestown, NH 03043 US

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CommentsWho Voted written by feduptohere 18 hours ago Rating: 0 | Rate Comment: + – We live in Lake in the Hills, Illinois 60156. We feel like sitting ducks in our “neighborhood” every time we leave our house. There’s this particular rotten neighbor who is constant trouble, who lives across the street. First of all, we bought a lot that backs into a prairie with a pond, a premium lot (it costs extra money!) We also live next to a well station, which is private property. These people and her entourage (really partners in crime), come traipsing across the street, trespassing (that’s breaking the law!) on the well station to gain access to the prairie and pond. We paid the premium price to enjoy “looking” at the prairie, not at noisy, nosey and ignorant people and their rotten kids. We don’t go traipsing over to their property. They should learn how to respect our privacy! Again, we LOOK at our great view (we have beautiful sunsets). We never go to the pond that’s next to our property. We just go next door to maintain our fence and property next to the fence. These people did not dish out the money for the premium lot, so why should they come from across the street and invade our privacy. It’s not like it’s so public that everybody is doing it. The well station is PRIVATE PROPERTY! It’s just this rotten “neighbor” and her entourage, the same clique of ignorant people and their kids. These same kids threw eggs at our car in November. One time, one of their relatives purposely, almost ran into us with their car and gave us the finger. They even went as far as taking down our license plate numbers. (I wonder WHY?!?!) We should have done something then, but we didn’t. The Lake in the Hills Police Department does not “serve and protect” our house. These kids are constantly harassing us, and when the cops come, they all congregate together (these same ignorant people and their spoiled rotten kids) and act like, “look at me, I’m innocent, I go to church, I’m “honest.” (Catholic hypocrites!) when in reality, these same kids are doing their parents dirty work. When the cops come, it’s “oh innocent me.” These “parents” send their kids as scouts so that when we leave, (these kids have cell phones), they do their dirty work, which includes spreading false rumors. These kids make a lot of noise: screaming, playing with their basketball, cursing, but we never complained about the noise. Only when they’re next door, invading our privacy. Now they’re playing a different game to gain access to the prairie. They are going to the other side of the well station and that “neighbor”, who is part of their entourage, lets them go on their property to gain access to the well station. When these people go on vacation, it’s relatively quiet. but when they come home, all #### breaks loose. Every 4th of July, they throw their fireworks literally at our house (they burned our screen in our window). Fireworks are illegal in the state of Illinois, but they don’t get it. They keep bringing up the “I’m a taxpayer and I have the right b— s–t. Like we’re not taxpayers, too. (We also foot the bill for their kids education, which is the BULK OF OUR TAX BILL! Why don’t they take their brats to the park, which is only a block away, that US TAXPAYERS pay for????? We can’t take their s–t anymore. They already made more than one family move out. And we’re next. We’re waiting for the market to get better to SELL! We would give the addresses, but like we said, we’d like to SELL! And the Lake in the Hills Police- they serve and protect HARASSERS, LIARS, AND LAW BREAKERS!!!!!!

written by zoso 1 day 1 hour 35 minutes ago Rating: 1 | Rate Comment: + – Pointless. Pointless Post!

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