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Source: Flora OH is… A dirty stealing floozy

Flora OH is… A dirty stealing floozy

I finally found you Flora, this one was hard to pin down because she leads a double, triple, quadruple life, who knows. I have actually met her a few years ago through an floozy agency (i know i know..). I had just gone through a depressing divorce and was seeking something non-attached. We only linked up 6-7 times but I completely trusted her and told her bits and pieces of my life. I didn’t treat her badly at all, took her out on dates, business trips, weekend getaways, and she was a great dancer and all around fun person to distract my mind with. She’s a bit fair/tanned skin, about 5’2, petite, does Hawaiian Hula dancing, black hair, nice a55, korean, lived in Seattle, Hawaii, in NYC, and has worked for various big name companies as a program/product manager (can’t post them here because legal reasons). Graduated from [REDACTED] and is in her 30s. I know this is a lot to expose but you’ll understand why as this post is very detailed. Something snapped in her though because one time I booked her for a night out and she wasn’t as friendly or at least fake it for the time I paid her. She kept complaining about money this money that.. (which i understand a lot of these girls have expensive lifestyles and money is their world) So I assumed this was her start of asking for an increase in allowance. I try to always over accommodate a girl I like so if she needed extra cash, I would be happy to help.. if only she asked. This is where the bad vibes kicked in though because although we were going to shower and hop in the hot tub. We went back to the hotel first and mind you not I had some stuff stacked in the private safe that most hotels provide for you. I was planning on using some of that cash for an underground gambling sports betting ring (once again, I know.. don’t judge). I had mentioned this to her over dinner and her eyes for a second lit up. Again, I trusted her. As I told her I’d wait for her in the jacuzzi downstairs she said she wanted to put away her expensive jewelry (just in case housekeeping pops in). I was like sure, don’t mind the stuff inside though because (grant you not, I was going to let her keep the majority of the cash anyway because of her prior money complaints).. and so i gave her the safe code. Pretty sure greed kicked in hella fast because next thing I knew she bolted. Now in my world and the regular world, money is subjective. I had about 15k in the safe all brand new bills, in which part was going to be paid to her for her time, and while the money can be replaced.. some personal items cannot. And to me that night all came down to principles.. and the fact that she broke certain agreements in this business world…that is why I am making this post. I had my dad’s custom made watch that night and not only did she clean me out 15k she took the watch, and even my shoes? (So I can’t run after her??). Had she just TOLD me she wanted more money, I would have definitely been open to communication so she would be satisfied. Anyway, before this I never got her real name, because she used an alias and a burner phone.. also I had to go FULL SVU criminal investigation crime scene on her because I had nothing to pin her down. The agency wouldn’t reveal floozy’s info to clients and later I learned she no longer worked there.. I suspected I was her last client so she decided to make a total run for it. I know this part gets creepy but necessary because I was furious. I only had a few discrete photos to go off of and her DNA (from sex toys, toothbrush, water bottles, hair ties, etc.) So I hired a private investigator to match everything up, got her info, then inquired with my lawyer friend who said “what are you gonna tell the judge? That your floozy friend made away with your gambling money? That won’t look good on you especially since you’re still fighting for your kid’s full time custody”… So I decided to drop all charges and wanted to just talk to her. She actually HAS A LONG TERM PARTNER all these years and well I guess I thought she was fully single by the way she was booking and hustling clients, but poor dude didn’t know she was fuking different dudes on the side… I didn’t want to show up on her doorstep and have the guy turn this into a FULL SVU murder investigation episode. So I dropped that. Flora Oh, I know what I need to know about you now, I tried texting/calling you… I suspect you knew who it was and blocked me.. I know where you work. I know where to find you and the next time I decide what to do with all this information will be up to me. This is not a threat, just a warning in case you decide to be a dirty slore and royally screw over other people.

Published at Thu, 5 Aug 2021 19:0:2 GMT

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