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Source: Garbage fire at UC Berkeley Over Black Supremacist Student Senator…

Meet Gabbi Sharp:


Her Instagram:
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First the story from the CollegeFix:

Members of the University of California Berkeley community are calling for the resignation of a student senator after a number of posts demeaning white people surfaced on the student politician’s Twitter page.

Gabbie Sharp, who is listed as an independent on her official Associated Students of the University of California bio, is a black student senator responsible for a number of tweets accused of belittling whites and Latinos.

Her social media posts have drawn the ire of her constituents.

In her official bio, Sharp explains that she exclusively advocates for the communities that placed her in power at the school, namely “the Black community, Queer and Trans community, as well as the Berkeley Student Cooperative.”

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A link to the rest of the story:…esent-white-constituents-faces-recall-effort/
Her political Bio:
An article in the college newspaper on people speaking out in support of her:

Part of the SubReddit

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The entire subreddit I just posted:

More on this:
They want an apology from a Black Supremacist for her racist comments. Good luck with that one.

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