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Source: hey guy’s I’m a Bryn Mawr student and would like your…

hey guy’s I’m a Bryn Mawr student and would like your input on thisPosted by anonymous 08/24/2009 01:14 PM | Last Reply 08/24/2009 01:14 PMooo and here’s another version I made

I lived my first 12 years as innocent and carefree as a kitten. These years were wonderful, however around the age of 13 I began to feel an “itch.” My wet cunt throbbed from time to time, and I was experimenting in ways to relieve that ever present itch. However soon learned a new method of relieving this ‘itch’ and it came from the most unlikely source. One day, while spread eagle on my bed, I manipulated a tooth brush to work my wettened organ. All of a sudden, my bedroom door swung open, and with a loud, one, two, step my cleaning lady, a portly black women from Alabama, waltzed in. I jumped from the bed, nearly half scared to death, and the toothbrush popped out and slipped up to her feet. ” I sees whacha’ been’ doin’” “I hava’ sometim’ to fix ya up” She presented a tub of KFC wings, and yanked one out with a strong snap. I sweated, and then she slowly inserted the fried chicken wing in my vagina, slowly pulling it in and out until the flacking fried batter and grease adequately made smooth her thrusts…After this encounter, I feel like I should never eat fried food, and I have a big fear about it’s ‘penetrating power’ Ever time I go near a fast food restaurant, I shake, and my vagina shrivels up. 0 votes   vote up reportreplyAd0 votesvote up  Sponsored Advertisement

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